But we take reporting to a whole new level by allowing you to freely explore your program data and discover information that can color the performance stories you tell. FutureWorks BI is a comprehensive, Software-as-a-Service , self-service Business Intelligence application specifically designed and developed for the Workforce Development System. FutureWorks BI makes WIOA data easy to access and explore to inform Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act program and policy decisions.


Futureworks has contributed to a better corporate culture with more openness, and it also highlights new ways we can achieve common goals. We experienced that Futureworks worked well both individually and collectively. Our employees received reminders about important processes, which lead to a better structure in the workplace with the right mindset to complete tasks. Today I’m going to share with you what really makes a difference. Futureworks also has a risk analysis feature for each Objective that provides an assessment of probability and consequence.

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We’re on a mission to inspire and equip New Yorkers to build a 21st-century production economy together with a network of partnerships, services, educational programming, equipment, and spaces. With OKRs we have been able to put into words what we want to achieve, and to set specific short-term and long-term goals. At the end of each quarter, the company should analyze the annual OKRs, then check out the last quarter’s OKRs. Next it’s time to set the upcoming quarter’s OKRs, for the company and each department or area. Yearly Objectives are guidelines for how Quarterly Objectives should be set by the organization every quarter.

In addition, FutureWorks BI includes custom data elements to expand the analysis potential of the WIOA PIRL. With FutureWorks BI you have a Business Intelligence application to explore WIOA program data far beyond the required Federal WIOA outcome measures. We help states and Workforce Development Boards intuitively access the WIOA data they collect to inform program decisions and support continuous improvement.

With dynamic and fluid data exploration available in FutureWorks BI, extracting information from data is quick and easy. Your team has a single version of the truth to answer all your data questions. Futureworks integrates with the systems and tools your team uses every day, so that daily work is deeply linked to the company or departmental goals, without heavy migration costs. After you’ve established your OKRs it’s time to setup a weekly OKR check-in meeting, where you and your team will report on your progress. To make this easy and efficient, we have designed a simple template / agenda for weekly, monthly and quarterly OKR meetings.

Integrated with Teams & Slack.

You’ll be the first to know details about Indeed FutureWorks 2023, including early registration details. Join our mailing list, and you’ll be the first to know details about Indeed FutureWorks 2023, including early registration details. The Predictive Rosters feature of FutureWorks BI is a guiding light for performance monitoring at the Board level and proactive case management for our Service Providers. We believe everyone should be able to gain insight and understanding from data. FutureWorks BI is built for ease of use by anyone with any level of technical know-how.

So Espen took an education and has spent the last 16 years as a developer, 8 of which as a senior architect with a focus on SMB web systems, ERP and data-driven decisions. Futureworks Ops21 makes advanced technologies and resources more accessible to NYC manufactures — to increase their competitiveness. This multi-faceted program is led by Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation and focuses on advanced materials, digital manufacturing, and robotics. Is a a powerful, effective and intuitive OKR tool that gives you a simple, efficient and clear working methodology for creating breakthroughs and increasing results. I have worked with Futureworks in three different divisions at Evry, a company with more than 9,000 employees. We created results beyond what we thought possible in all three divisions.

“Raat Akeli Hai”, streaming on Netflix, is a nail-biting murder mystery that follows a small town cop who is summoned to investigate the death of a politician. The film was shot by DP Pankaj Kumar on RED Helium8K with Leitz Summilux-C Lenses, serviced by FWXRental. Pankaj collaborated closely with FWXPost colorist Andreas Bruckel to bring out the earthiness and authenticity in the visuals. Additionally, FutureWorks Teams across Sound and VFX led by Sarath Mohan and Kannan T. Also came on-board, integrating technology and operations to deliver this gripping whodunit in Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos.

You can access subsidized and discounted workspace, machinery and consulting expertise, and job opportunities throughout the city. Our integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams makes it easy to get full control over your company’s goals and progress in one place. Everyone knows how the company aims to achieve its primary goals. Everyone has their own goals that support the organizational goals.


For over 30 years, we have helped companies in various industries with performance management, performance coaching and OKR. The OKR methodology is a simple and effective framework for goal and result management. The methodology creates common understanding, interaction and clear focus on the most important tasks to achieve the company’s overall goals. The methodology creates common understanding, interaction and clear focus on the most important tasks that leads to the success of the company’s overall goals. Direct user training for clients and effective long term support options ensure ongoing value for your investment. FutureWorks BI allows your data exploration to go down to the actual records behind your data discoveries.

Junaid loves to design and develop experiences that make people’s lives easy. Junaid is passionate about exploring, learning and implementing the latest technologies. As an OKR results coach for executives and organizations, Kim sees a clear difference between companies that create breakthrough results, versus companies that have a linear development of their goals. Since 2013, he has had a conscious relationship to always “Get Shit Done”! With three children under its wings, there is a lot of energy and excitement, which also reflects Kim’s personality.

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Connect with other users and share data discoveries and insights. FutureWorks BI and the support team can help you build and support a community of practice. Intuitive WIOA data access for all data exploration, analytics and reporting. Ongoing expert technical assistance and support from an experienced team of Workforce Development performance professionals. We at Futureworks have a long background in corporate coaching.

States or Workforce Development Boards provide the raw PIRL+ data, and we take care of the rest. We’ve removed the complicated barriers preventing states and Workforce Development Boards from becoming truly data-driven. Futureworks NYC is a key component of New York City’s Industrial Action Plan to help emerging and existing manufacturers adopt advanced technologies and increase local production. FutureWorks BI is not just a powerful tool for data exploration and reporting, it is a complete BI service for Workforce Development so you can focus on what is important – using data to support continuous improvement. Futureworks specialises in the design, development and installation of electronic presentation technologies with a key strength in the design and programming of integrated control systems.

They provide a strategic direction for what the organization should focus on quarter by quarter. “Well-maintained camera equipment, and a great team of attendants. The Post studio is future-ready with brilliant people and senior colourist Andreas has an amazing understanding of the visuals which adds to the overall story telling.” Visualizing data can fast-track your ability to extract information. What is FutureWorks BI includes powerful data visualization capabilities so you can leverage the right visuals to highlight your discoveries and help you effectively communicate them to others. FutureWorks BI makes sharing your data discoveries with anyone easy.


Use FutureWorks BI Rosters to identify the participant records behind each performance indicator. Leverage the Predictive Rosters to see predicted outcomes for upcoming reporting quarters and see the participant records behind the calculations. Rosters are a huge help for directing follow-up activities that can positively impact performance outcomes.

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By constantly focusing on the most important tasks, your co-workers avoid being dragged into urgent, but not important issues, and questions that “constantly arises” cease to appear. Futureworks ensures ownership of what matters most and through clear focus, your organization will enjoy increased performance, better leadership and improved business management. Futureworx is now a Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centre. We help job seekers and employers navigate a range of programs – from career planning, job searches and on-the-job development to recruitment, planning and HR support.

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Here the owner of each OKR gives a short status report on a scale from on how sure he / she is that the Key Results / Objectives will be reached in time. Objectives and Key Results should normally be set for the whole year and the upcoming quarter. You may also use OKRs for a project period divided into appropriate time periods. Combined with strategy, vision, mission and values, clear OKRs are one of the most important tools to ensure good leadership and continuous progress. “FutureWorks is the place where I’m always delighted with the quality, the dedication and the passion – thanks so much to the stunning and talented professional team there.” FutureWorks BI delivers the information you need to not only audit your outcomes but know where to focus your follow-up activities that may positively impact outcomes.

Quickly find the information you need to tell your data story and instantly share your discoveries with anyone. FutureWorks BI can be customized to meet your specific needs, including working with you and your team to put together that custom dashboard to keep your board and other stakeholders informed. It’s designed for anyone to use, regardless of technical know-how. With Milos’ passion for technology, he became a motivated self-taught designer and front-end developer. Futureworks Shops is NYC’s collaborative network of prototyping and innovation spaces where hardware startups turn their ideas into reality.

Futureworx Society helps people with diverse needs identify their strengths and goals, develop skills and achieve success in school, work, and life. https://cryptolisting.org/ maintains its reputation as an independent systems supplier able to provide any organization with the most appropriate and cost-effective technical solutions. Since we have no formal distribution agreements with any manufacturer, our solutions can be supported by the most appropriate products. Importers and distributors of audio-visual equipment frequently recommend our company to customers seeking professional quality systems design, installation and support. Our user community spans a diverse range of workforce professionals, including Executive Directors, Analysts, MIS, Performance Monitors, Case Managers, and Board Members. And they all provide feedback to inform the ongoing design and development of FutureWorks BI.